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Emery magic magic sponge wipe kitchen super decontamination and rust sponge artifact large magic wipe


1. The outer layer of the product is a carborundum layer, and the special micro-grinding example specializes in scorching marks, rust, crockpot, cutting board, oven, natural gas stove and other stubborn stains on the outside of the pot. It can also be used to sharpen knives; remove kitchen stoves Tile stubborn stains and oil stains;
2. The middle of the product is extra-high density foam material, which can be used in smooth containers, such as domestic;
3. The product can be used repeatedly, squeeze out the water after use, and place it in a ventilated and dry place for extended use Life; in order to avoid waste, it can be cut into a suitable size for use;
4. To deal with oil stains, it is recommended to use it with detergent; otherwise, the oil stains stick to the frosted surface, which will affect the friction effect and product life;
5, high-grade does not It is not recommended to use this product on the coating surface of the sticky pan, because the abrasive particles will damage the coating surface;